Natoon Operation & Maintenance

Offering various services in the field of operation , maintenance for buildings and institutions

Natoon Property Operation & Maintenance

Natoon Operation & Maintenance is a leading provider of operation and maintenance in Israel. Founded in 1996, the company specializes in the operation and maintenance of complex buildings with smart systems. Natoon Operation handles dozens of sites nationwide, providing its services through its branches and 24/7 call center.

Operation and maintenance services

We offer a wide range of operation and maintenance services. The company's activities include the following:

Managing buildings' maintenance, offering expertise and experience in all systems.

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Operational counseling

Natoon Operation & Maintenance offers counseling to entrepreneurs and contractors, from the initial design to final occupancy.

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B.O.T. internship

Natoon Operation & Maintenance holds special internships in BOT and PFI projects, including pricing of operation and maintenance services at the tender, financing after winning and accompanying the entrepreneurs and contractors

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Integrator (one-stop-shop)

As part of the Natoon Group, Natoon Operation & Maintenance is an integrator of all operation services clients need, freeing them to concentrate on their respective expertise and activity.

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Natoon Medical

Natoon Medical prides itself on its highly experienced staff, who provide a wide range of services, complying with the strictest maintenance rules for medical facilities.

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Natoon Operation & Maintenance operates and maintains dozens of sites nationwide, including complex buildings and smart systems.

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