About Us

Specializing in BOT and PFI projects, our company works in dozens of sites nationwide. Natoon has four branches in Israel and its clients enjoy a 24/7 prompt and professional service.


Our moto

As part of the Natoon Group, we strive for uncompromising administration of all property management, operation and maintenance, with deep commitment to provide a meaningful added value based on the following:

We put the client at the heart of our activities. The company's staff and executive level are committed to listening, understanding and be sensitive to the client's every need.

We strive for wxcellence resulting in providing unique service experience with no shortcuts.

We provide a unique and professional service experience with no shortcuts or corner cutting.

We value our workers and do our best to instill a sense of belonging, pride and mutual commitment.

We strive for trust and mutual respect with all our suppliers and business partners.

We are committed to promote independent, enterprising, accomplished and flexible leadership.

Natoon Operation & Maintenance provides holistic operational counseling from design to final occupancy, working in full cooperation with the architects and the designers of the various systems in the buildings.

As part of the Natoon Group, we are a one-stop-shop of any operation services the client might need, so they are free to concentrate on their own area of expertise and on-going activity.

Among our clients are several mega corporations such as banks, insurance companies, the israeli Goverment main office buildings , the Ministry of Defense, hospitals, factories and universities. Our clients enjoy our prompt availability, reliability and full transparency and benefit from reduced costs and protection of the environment. Our standard of property management, which is the highest in the industry, is achieved by a smart operation and maintenance system, designed and supervised in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard and in accordance with parameters and operational objectives set by the company's engineers and executives.

A variety of projects and clients

Natoon Operation & Maintenance provides its services in a variety of complex projects, fully conscious of the high-end and smart systems installed in them. Over the years, we have built a satisfied and loyal family of clients who use our services on a regular basis.

Among our clients around the country are office buildings, Hi-Tec companies, cellular and communication companies, universities and colleges, the israeli  Government main office buildings, various city halls and institutions' shopping malls and trade centers, banks and insurance companies, hospitals, factories and large medical facilities.

The group's vision and values

The client is an asset.

We see our clients as the company's most valuable assets and act accordingly. We strive to provide each and every client with a pleasant service experience. As part of this policy, we conduct periodical satisfaction surveys and hold regular meetings with our clients, where we have an open dialogue and receive direct feedback about their changing needs the quality of service.

Reliability and availability: we at Natoon believe adhering to time tables and providing prompt responses.

Protecting the environment: in all our activities, we do everything in our power to protect the environment and to find solutions to reduce energy consumption. Among our environment protection efforts are solar systems to produce electricity, cutting-edge water saving and storage techniques and grey water treatment.

Reducing costs: we at Natoon strive to bring each client to their optimal level of operation at minimal costs.

Fostering excellence and independent leadership: Natoon staff receive comprehensive guidance, training and mentoring to promote excellence.

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